Railroad Accidents

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A multitude of factors can contribute to negligence in the case of a Railroad Accident such as: 

•Inattentive Driver  

•Safety Violations

•Intoxicated Operator

•Fatigued Operator

•Lack of or Poor Maintenance

•Faulty Equipment

•Inadequately Trained Operator

•Regulatory Violations

Few people would voluntarily allow themselves to suffer even a simple fracture of a bone, not even for tens of thousands of dollars. The amount of suffering that results from living a lifetime with disfiguring scars,or with a spinal cord or brain injury, is inconceivable. The fight for justice includes more than just your own personal recovery and that of your family, it also means fighting to ensure that others who suffer catastrophic injuries do not lose their right to a reasonably normal life, just because an insurance company successfully lobbied for damage caps on personal injury, especially in the catastrophic event of a Railroad Accident. 

 Eric Kirkpatrick will aggressively fight on your behalf

to enforce your right to a jury trail.

​If you or a loved one face recovery from a Railroad Accident seek assistance from a tenacious personal injury attorney who has experience with railroad accidents, and who knows how to find every possible source of recovery.

Have you or a loved one been serious injured in a Railroad accident? If you or a loved one have been injured in a Railroad Accident you need an experienced attorney and should seek legal counsel immediately.  As soon as the insurance company is notified of the accident they will begin working to lessen the perceived injuries of your case or even eliminate your ability to recover damages from the accident completely. Hiring legal counsel to protect your interests is vital.

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