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Kirkpatrick Law Office handles a wide array of civil matters.  One of Attorney Eric Kirkpatrick’s key areas of expertise is Catastrophic Injury Law.  Catastrophic Injury Law is that area of the law, which allows a claim to be made for victims, survivors or their families for those who have experienced catastrophic loss, harm, damage, great personal suffering on a catastrophic level.  

Victims suffering catastrophic loss need an attorney with the experience and aggressive legal pedigree to pursue all avenues of economic recovery and justice.  The catastrophic damage a victim may be compensated for could be both physical and/or emotional.  Our system of justice provides that a person who suffers harm or injury may be entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries, whether those injuries come from a car accident, industrial accident, medical malpractice, or other injury caused by the negligence of a manufacturer or third party. 

Catastrophic Injuries


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Attorney Eric Kirkpatrick believes that victims are entitled to have their case heard by a jury of their peers when the injury could have been prevented if the responsible party had taken the proper safety precautions. Many injured victims, however, never receive the compensation that they are entitled to because they do not know their legal rights. That is why it is so important to consult an attorney who concentrates in the area of catastrophic injury law whenever an injury is sustained.

Eric Kirkpatrick has experience in handling serious accidents, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death cases, railroad accidents, loss of limb, construction site accidents, longshoremen injuries and more.